he President’s slogan for this fiscal year is “Discover the New by Studying the Past”.

All members intend to make this fiscal year a good one filled with anticipation for the upcoming 50th anniversary. As said in the slogan, we aspire to study what we have studied in the past once again in order to discover new logic and knowledge and make them our assets. Specifically, we will aim for “Aeration” and “Commanding Club Operation”.

“Aeration” here means the work to drill holes in the green grass on golf course. Once or twice a year, holes are drilled in order to rejuvenate the grass by loosening densely grown rhizome to accelerate rooting and by improving ventilation and water permeation. In other words, it is impossible for the grass to stay healthy if the root is not vigorous. We believe that through our senior members promoting the creation of places to shine, the younger members can shine with them together.

“Commanding Club Operation” symbolizes our intention to operate the club with just enough feeling of tension, or with a sense of commanding dignity. We realize that the Rakuhoku RC is a very friendly club, but a buddies-only private get together is not something we aim for. Instead, we hope to operate the club so that each of our members can enjoy just enough air of tension between them.

In order to achieve that, we are planning to attach importance to promoting sociability and friendship (as much as the COVID19-related situation allows, that is).

Although our activities will still be mainly based on in-club events, we hope to concentrate also on increasing members.

We ask for all our members cooperation.

President Kazuo Ouno’s slogan

President Kazuo Ouno’s slogan

Past Club Slogans and Basic Policies